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LTL Services

Through our working relationship with Cerasis we provide a comprehensive and focused approach to providing you with industry best practices to manage your shipping and receiving more effectively. Our clients yield hard and soft cost savings through freight management services backed by proprietary freight management software. Below are just a few of the things it provides:

Benefits of Shipping LTL Freight with our Tools and People
Our Freight Management Software and our Freight Logistics Services provide further capabilities in the following realms of shipping LTL freight:

  • Freight Routing:  Your Cerasis Freight Routing Specialist will work with you and your vendors on both outbound and inbound freight routing, providing notifications of shipment and tracking to BOTH parties.
  • Multiple Location LTL Freight Shipping:  Ship frequently between your multiple locations? Want full visibility into this activity? Leverage our freight management software and services to seamlessly ship and view reporting around your multiple locations.
  • Dropship or Zone Skipping:  Have several destinations coming all from one place, but you want to maximize savings? Most people prefer not to utilize drop-ship or zone skipping services as it adds more points of communication, thus increasing chances of errors. Not the case with freight logistics services backed by proprietary freight management software from Cerasis. We are able to automate this process and create proper freight accounting to allow for maximum cost savings.
  • Auto Pick-up by Carriers:  Our auto pick-up services within our freight management software automatically notify carriers for all lanes chosen for your LTL freight shipment. This decreases the amount of time and resources to keep up with the carrier, ensuring your load is picked up on time.
  • Freight Shipment Tracking:  Curious to know where your load is right now? Cerasis’s real time freight tracking gives you piece of mind that your LTL shipment will reach your customer. With automatic notifications, you, your customer, and your vendor will know when to expect their freight.
  • Spot or Volume Quotes for Specialized LTL Freight
  • Consultation on Cost Savings Opportunities:  It is one of the core tenets of the Cerasis philosophy to align ourselves with your business goals. Your dedicated freight management customer service representative will work right alongside you, consulting on best practices and eliminating common errors to maximize your cost savings opportunities.

With shipping, time is always of the essence. So there’s no time like now to contact us and put our state-of-the-art TMS management tools to work for you today. To find out more about our services please contact Andy Hamilton at 866-544-8868 or email us at

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