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Calvary Transportation Services highly values our relationships with our carriers. We make sure our carriers are taken care of from start to finish & strive to create relationships that last for years. Our database consists of over 5,000 carriers across the U.S. and Canada, many of whom have been hauling for us since we first opened 8 years ago! We’d love to do business with you! Please see below our requirements for becoming set-up with us, as well as our payment terms.

Requirements for Carrier Set-up:

  1. Company profile page
  2. Signed carrier-broker agreement contract (obtained by e-mailing us)
  3. Copy of W-9
  4. MC page showing valid authority
  5. Three references
  6. Copy of insurance with Auto Liability & Motor Truck Cargo

If you would like more information about getting set-up as a carrier, please e-mail your request to Vince at

Payment information:

   dot Net of 30 days from receipt of invoice
        dot2 We accept legible faxed or e-mailed copies for the majority of our customers.
        dot2 Check in the mail or direct deposit can be chosen for your form of payment. Both options are
           free of charge via the net of 30 days option.

   dot Quick Pay (3% charge)
        dot2 ACH/Direct Deposit—BOL & invoice must be received before 12 p.m. on Monday in order for payment
           on Thursday of that same week.
        dot2 Paper check—BOL & invoice must be received before 12 p.m. on Thursdays in order to be
           issued a check on Friday of that same week.
        dot2 If BOL & invoice are received after the previously mentioned times/dates, then payment
           will be processed the following week.

For more information about payments or any accounts payable questions, please contact Nella at (877) 259-2680
or by e-mail

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